Welcome to SOS ICE

Good quality ice is the most important ingredient in every cocktail. Whether is shaken, built or stirred the quality of the ice defines the drink.

We use purified, filtered water and the best equipment available in the industry to produce our high quality drinking ice.

The ice is harvested daily and kept at the correct temperature to ensure our ice cubes are perfect for mixing drinks.

Our Story

All Bar None was set up in 2008 with the goal to take the hassle out of running event bars, provide on-site drink education for the trade and assist alcohol brands with drink-strategies and new concepts.

We are industry experts with an attention to detail who provide the best quality service in all aspects of what we do.

With our Hoshizaki Ice Machines and Clinebell Ice Block Makers we can supply large quantities of high quality ice.

We supply cubed, crushed, block & hand carved ice to the best bars and events in Dublin.

We also have mobile cold storage and offer an Emergency same day delivery service.

Call us before 4pm for same day delivery on 01-5556821 or email us at ice@sosice.ie.

Our Ice

Cubed Ice

Hoshizaki has a reputation amongst cocktail bar traders for producing the best ice cube in the world. It’s size and density means that you get less dilution and a perfectly chilled drink.

Our filtered high quality cubes comes in a 12.5kg bag.

Crushed Ice

Our micro-filtered crushed ice comes delivered in a 12.5kg bag.

Block Ice

Chipped ice for cocktails creates the ultimate visual experience for your guest. Clear ice melts 5 times slower than traditional ice. With our bar block you can make rough cuts or Japanese style cubes and balls.

Weight: 35kg

Dimensions: 300mm x 250mm x 500mm

The block can be divided in 2 to speed up prep time.

Collins Cube

The crystal clear Collins Cube is the ideal way to ice an Highball glass. It measures 120mm in length and 40mm in diameter.

Each box contains 100 prepped cubes ready for service.

Large Cube

These large 50mm crystal clear ice cubes looks and works amazing in an Old Fashioned glass. The large cube will keep your drink at perfect temperature with very little dilution.

Each box contains 150 prepped cubes ready for service.

Emergency Delivery

We supply cubed, crushed, block & hand carved ice – call us before 4pm for same day delivery 01 5556821 / ice@sosice.ie.